Welcome to my New Website

I am excited to welcome you to my new website !

This website is designed to support the delivery of  my photographic products and services.  As you work with me I hope you see how dedicated I am to providing you with top professional quality services to meet your needs and projects.  My value proposition  is quite simple,  I seek to support my customers and clients in 3 ways

(1) The purchase of high quality photographic art.  The new website supports an improved store front to purchase a variety of  photographic images on several different print media including 5 star quality photographic paper, fine art canvas wraps and printing on metal.  I have placed my very best images in a series of galleries so please take a few minutes to look around and I hope you find some images you would like to own a copy of.

(2) Provide a place to market my skills in portrait photography.  I have included examples of various types of portrait work that I have taken.  These include professional headshots, family portraits and weddings.  I would love to work with you on your project, please fill out the inquiry form and that will alert me to contact you to discuss the details on how I can provide you with top notch products and service.

(3) Help people learn new skills through workshops and instruction. All of us are working on learning new photographic skills and techniques. I am creating some workshops and seminars where I will teach you how to take images like you see in my galleries.  These workshops would be short 1 day field trips to get outside and practice the techniques being taught.  There is nothing like time with your camera in the field to help you develop new skills.

I am also going to start keeping a running blog that documents my photographic travels around the world.  I will also share helpful hints and ideas that I learn along the way.  So I hope you enjoy this new website, please share with me your ideas or suggestions on how I can better meet your needs.

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