Visit to Leavenworth !










The image in this posting was taken late in October last fall at Enchantment Park in Leavenworth. This is a great place to spend a few days in the fall. We visited this area last fall right when the change in color in the trees had just begun. We were about a week or two early for the peak of fall color. It was a bright and cold morning with a strong wind and the lighting conditions were very contrasty and difficult to manage. This image is HDR in order to handle the large dynamic range presented. The camera was set on aperture priority with the f stop at f/11. This was a three bracket exposure with shutters speeds changing to create a exposure range of -1 2/3 EV to + 1 1/3 EV. The focal length was 52 mm using my 24 to 70 zoom lens. I love the movement in the clouds and the range of colors in this image.

Hope you enjoy this image. Thanks for stopping by !