The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017












After traveling to Idaho to photograph the eclipse we settled on Ontario Sate park for our location to set up our equipment. We were the first ones to arrive at the park around 3 am on Monday morning. We were treated to a beautiful sunrise along the Snake River. I really loved the colors and layering in the clouds behind the trees and their reflections. This was just the beginning of the magical eclipse day !

I set up my equipment needed to capture the totality of the eclipse. That included my Canon 5d mark 3 and the tamron 150 to 600 mm zoom lens. In this image I really like the streaming solar gases and if you look closely some orange red solar prominences. The shooting parameters were f/8, shutter speed of 1/50 sec, ISOI -100 and the focal length of 600 mm.

It was truly a magical time to see the sun looking this way.

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