The Canadian Rockies – Lake Vermillion What a Small World

I have a great small world story to share with you. As we were nearing the mid way point of our vacation we spend 2 days in Lake Louise and then we travel down to Banff for 2 days. While we were there we explored the area called Vermillion Lakes with a backdrop of Mt. Rundle. We were traveling along a small 2 lane road that followed the shore of Lake Vermillion. We were trying to line up a shot with Mt Rundle in the background and the golden banks of the lake.

We pulled into a small 2 car sized turn out and set began to set up our camera equipment. I looked over and we were sharing this small turn out with another couple. When I looked at the people we were sharing this spot with it was my friend Summer Kozisek and her husband ! Summer works for Robi’s the camera shop I use in Tacoma and we both are members of the Rainier Hills Photography club. Talk about a small world ! She and her husband were up in the Canada Rockies, and we had crossed paths in the morning shooting the sunrise at Moraine Lake but we did not see each other then.

We had some very nice light along the lake and I captured a few nice images with Mt Rundle in the backdrop. The lighting was very contrasty and so I used a 5 shot bracketed stack to make these HDR images. Hope you enjoy these !

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