The Canadian Rockies – Jasper and Maligne Lake

On our first day in Jasper National Park we went to Maligne Lake. What a beautiful area ! Most all of the surface water in the Canadian Rockies are sourced from glaciers. The movement of the glaciers creates friction that breaks and grinds up the rock to a fine powder called rock flour. The small particles of rock remain suspended is the water and they absorb all the colors but the blue and emerald greens. So the lakes, streams and rivers have a beautiful color to them.

At the lake we took a 90 minute cruise and stopped off at Spirit Island. This is were I captured one of my best images from the trip. The lake is surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains. The day we were there the weather was overcast and grey. This helped create a very moody image in the area surrounding Spirit Island. Hope you enjoy these images and you get a sense of the size,scale  and beauty of this area.

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