Award Winning Photography – Fall Color in the Tetons

The image “Swiftly Go the Clouds” wins the grand prize award for the month of September from  There were over 5000 entries for this competition.

This image was taken in mid September during a photographic workshop geared at capturing fall colors in Grand Teton National Park.  The trip was  led by Joseph Rossbach and Mark LaRowe and  we spent several days chasing light and dodging rain drops.  This image was taken right before the morning sunlight hit the tops of the peaks of the Teton Range.  It was still pretty dark when we arrived on our shooting location and to get a reasonable exposure you needed to have a long shutter speed.  The shooting parameters for this image were f/11, shutter speed was 30 seconds, the ISO was 400 and the focal length was 27 mm using my 24 to 70 mm zoom lens.

There are multiple images taken during this workshop in my galleries.  Click on the Landscape+Nature link on the home page and then click the Landscape link and then the Grand Teton Link to see more.

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