The Mighty Waves of Ke’e Beach


Over the course of the time we were visiting Kauai we comeback and visited Ke’e beach several times.  Just with the beautiful location it is a spacial place to photograph with the view of the extension of the Na Pali coast.  But there is location right off the end of the beach on the south side where the combination of high surf and the topography creates these giant standing wave patterns.  It happens when the back surf flows away from the coast and collides with the standard forward moving waves.  In this area the two movements of water create the huge wave patterns that are spectacular.  To get into the proper location to shoot these waves you have to walk a ways back into the woods and climb over the first ridge then sample down to and along the rocks.  From there you can set up your camera, I was using my 70 200 mm zoom lens andI was focusing on seeing with the image the Na Pali coastline and ridge structure in the photo.  It is hard to get a scale on these images but these waves are huge measuring 20 to 40 feet high.  I hope you enjoy these images

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