Maui Vacation 2020 – Doors Helicopter Ride

The next selection of pictures I have chosen to share with you are some of my all-time favorite images. While we were vacationing in Maui Kathy and I took a doors off helicopter ride. The helicopter trip took us over the west Maui mountains across the water and around part of Moloka’i and back down the northeastern portion of the Maui coastline. The trip started at 7:30 am when we boarded our helicopter at the Kahului airport. The initial shooting conditions were a bit hazy, the interior deep valleys were very dark with most of the sunlight being blocked by the tall mountain peaks. But once we started heading back along the Northeastern Maui coast the sun was at a perfect angle and photographic conditions allowed me to capture some specular images. What makes these images special is that they are rarely seen. The main road through the area along the coast on the Northeastern side is very narrow (one way in places), winding and in some places, not paved. Most of the rental car agreements on Maui have a clause that says you will invalidate your rental agreement if you take the rental car on unpaved roads. So please take a look at this next set of beautiful images taken from a doors-off helicopter on a relatively unseen part of Maui !

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