The Great Fish Hunt – Photographing Grizzly Bears – Part 9

The Big Fish Hunt

One of my favorite activities was watching these large bears chase and catch fish. They would wait quietly until the salmon began to move upstream during the initial surges of high tide. They would wait very patiently at the mouth of the river. The bears would listen for the sounds of the fish swimming upstream. You could hear the fishes tails strike and slap the surface of the water.

This particular morning this bears cubs were sitting near by and watching. They were hoping that mom would catch some fish and she might be willing to share with her hungry cubs. Once she heard fish noises she would stand up on her back legs and look around. When she caught sight of the fish she would race after it diving to capture her meal.

This particular morning she was successful and her cubs came over and shared some of her meal. These fish were the very early stages of the salmon runs which occur in August. It was so fun to see and capture these large animals racing around to catch fish.

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