Canadian Rockies Trip – The Train Ride In

On Wednesday of this week Kathy and I just got home from a ten day vacation to the Canadian Rockies. We took the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver through Kamloops and then onto Jasper National Park. We then stayed 2 nights at each of these locations Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. I took a total of 1300 images over the trip and I would love to share with you some of the best images from the trip.

The first few days spent on the train were really nice, we were treated like royalty and fed continually all day long. Each train car had an open vestibule in the back where I could stay outside and capture images anytime I wanted. I am just telling you it’s much harder to capture good images when shooting from a moving train. You first have to set the shutter speed pretty high ( 1/500 sec) to freeze the motion of the train lunching around. You also manually set the ISO to allow you to get a good exposure at a fast shutter speed. And finally you set your aperture to keep all objects sharp and in focus as possible.

The first stop of the train journey took us from Vancouver to Kamloops along the Fraser River valley. We stopped at Kamloops for the night and then in the morning we turned north onto the North Thompson River way. Here are a few shots from those first few days of the trip. Over the next few days I will share with you the best images I captured each day. The Canadian Rockies are just beautiful and we had a wonderful time !

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